DigCompEdu Competence area

4.1 Assessment strategies

Progression Level

Integrator (B1)

Minimum digital skills level of Students


Minimum digital skills level of Educators


Learning/Teaching situation

Home learning; Flipped learning; a revision exercise.

Target group

All ages.


  • PC/laptop/smartphome
  • Internet connection
  • Access to Google Drive


A practical and easy to use self-marking test, useful for revision tasks and measuring progress. Providing pre-written feedback is a useful timesaving tool for all teachers. Teachers must set up and manage the test with the feedback and answers to each question prior to sending out a link to the quiz/test.

How to do it (step by step)

Step 1

Teacher must create google account.

Step 2

Create an online survey on subject matter using Google Forms. Provide title, and use a mix of question types for variety and interest. Ensure all questions are compulsory!

Step 3

Don’t forget to add student name question to identify the results.

Step 4

Click add a question.

Step 5

Complete the question.

Step 6

On the bottom left of the question click Answer Key.

Step 7

Choose the answer or answers that are correct.

Step 8

In the top right of the question, choose how many points the question is worth.

Step 9

To add a written or YouTube video explanation to an answer, click Add Answer feedback.

Step 10

You can assign point and add feedback on all question types.

Step 11

Put an end date on the survey/questionnaire.

Step 12

Send link to survey/questionnaire to the students by email, social media or embed in a document or webpage.

Step 13

Students complete and submit the survey and get instant points and feedback.

There is more…

This can be used for identifying areas of weakness in order to plan lessons. Or can be used to assess prior knowledge on subject area, the survey can then be re taken at the end of a topic or subject to measure progress.


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