DigCompEdu Competence area

2.2 Creating and modifying digital resources & 5.3 Actively engaging learners

Progression Level

Explorer (A2)

Minimum digital skills level of Students


Minimum digital skills level of Educators


Learning/Teaching situation

Teachers who want to share digital resources.

Target group

Students attending or interested in your courses.


  • PC/laptop
  • Internet connection


Pinterest is a visual discovery engine for finding ideas and inspiration. The application operates like an on-line scraping book where it is possible to “pin” selected on-line resources such as recipes, craft activities etc. onto a “board” for later use. Pinterest’s strength lies in the quality of the visuals it supports, it is a simple interface, easy to use.

How to do it (step by step)

Step 1

Download Pinterest app on your Smartphone.

Step 2

Create your profile while filling up your name, E-mail and create a password.

Step 3

Once your account is created you will be redirected to the Home page.

Step 4

Access the research by clicking on the search bar on the top of page

Step 5

Write the style of picture that you would like to find for your training (example: sign language, etc.) (see screenshot).

Step 6

Select the picture that you want to use for your presentation, your training or class.

Step 7

Register picture in your account.

Step 8

You may choose to include the resources in a specific “board” created for your teaching purposes. Board are folders to organize your resources.


Step 9

Click “create a board” and choose a name for your board.


Step 10

Once your board is named Click on “create” to finalize the creation. You may then include your “pins” into this board to organize them


Step 11

You can share this picture or the content of your board with student on WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. (see screenshot).


There is more…

Pinterest is also accessible on a computer, and it is possible de create a “business account” for advertising and marketing purposes.

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