Community of Practice

for educators and stakeholders

Online communities of practice (CoP) can help educators strengthen their performance through these online social learning spaces, as educators can effectively access, share, and create knowledge, as well as strengthen their commitment to the profession.

This is an online community of practice for educators and educational planners about digital pedagogy. The CoP aims to create value for educators in different levels :

🌀 through community activities and interactions that educators experience immediately by participating in the community.

🌀 potential value as the accumulation of knowledge and social capital that can result from participation and could prove useful in the future, including new knowledge, skills, resources, or relationships.

🌀 applied value when educators will apply what they have learned or developed to their professional practices. Realized value results from applying what has been learned or generated by engaging with the community.

🌀 Reframing value when educators redefine what success means as a result of their collaboration.

Every Monday a new topic for discussion will be posted and every Wednesday a new activity related to previous topic will be posted by project partners.

Feel free to post your thoughts and ideas but all posts will be modetated before being published in order to avoid spammers.

Ask your colleagues and any other interested on Digital Pedagogy to join this community!


You can join Community of Practice the framework here