DigCompEdu Competence area

2.2 Creating and modifying digital resources & 2.3 Managing, protecting and sharing digital resources

Progression Level

Expert (B2)

Minimum digital skills level of Students


Minimum digital skills level of Educators


Learning/Teaching situation

Home learning; Flipped learning; Any learning situation which requires evidence based assessment.

Target group

All ages.


  • PC/laptop/smartphome
  • Internet connection
  • Google account for access to Google drive


Create online portfolios on Google Drive for any subject. Useful for compiling a number of different types of documents and files to showcase students work and level of understanding.
Useful for projects and collaboration between students whereby multiple students can add to a project folder for group working as the shared files can be added to and enhanced by anyone with access to the files or folder.

Benefit of tool implementation for educators:
Easy to access and view learner work
Allows forone link to be shared for multiple file access.

Benefit of tool implementation for learners:
Self managing, easy to use.
Allows for creativity with a variety of documents and file types to support the work

How to do it (step by step)

Step 1

Learners to create google accounts and learn how to add files and documents.

Step 2

Teachers/Educators to create the portfolio task and suggested checklist for the portfolio.

Step 3

Teachers/Educators may like to create a Google Drive File with individual folders for each student, then send the link out to each student for their own folder.

Step 4

Right click over the file or folder you would like to share and you will get a sharable link which you can email to your students.

Step 5

Ensure that you change the access to the file to editable.

Step 6

Teacher/Educator can check up and feedback on the work uploaded.

There is more…

How Google Drive works:

  1. If you have Gmail you already have a Google drive. If not you can create Drive account.
  2. You get a 15GB storage free, after you can upgrade to professional account.
  3. Google Drive is a cloud (online storage) that you can access from any device: computer, phone or tablet.
  4. You can upload any type of file to the google drive. These can be downloaded and worked on, or many files can be added to on Google Drive, these are instantly saved.
  5. You can share your upload with anyone. You can let people access your selected upload if they have a link.
  6. You can share an individual document or a whole folder.
  7. You can create online Word Documents and Excel Spread Sheet.
  8. You can directly upload your attachments from your Gmail to your Drive without downloading them.
  9. All of your uploads are easily accessible, they are divided to:
  • Shared with me: files that other people created and shared with you
  • My drive: there is everything, your files and those sheared with you
  • Recent: files that have been recently added or edited by you or anyone else, but are available to you.
  1. The most frequently accessed files can be found at the top of your page for easy access.
  2. All sections are in chronological order, but you can change it to alphabetical order.
  3. Folders can be colour coded for easy identification
  4. There is also a search available on top of the page.


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