DigCompEdu Competence area

3.1 Teaching

Progression Level

Integrator (B1)

Minimum digital skills level of Students


Minimum digital skills level of Educators


Learning/Teaching situation

Home learning; Flipped learning; Any learning situation.

Target group

All ages.


  • PC/laptop/smartphome
  • Internet connection
  • A Prezi account
  • Learning material


Teachers and educators can create a visual, fully encompassing lesson plan with all related learning activities using Prezi.
This style of lesson plan and learning activities allows for clear and easy planning for the teacher, rather than having separate files and documents for each lesson.
Easy to use and great shared for shared learning for multiple classes and if a cover teacher is called in to deliver the session.

How to do it (step by step)

Step 1

Teacher/educator plans the lesson in line with the subject specification and scheme of work, using formal learning aims and outcomes. Learning activities and supporting materials are sourced. Formative assessment activities should also be built into the lesson plan.

Step 2

Teacher educator creates a Prezi account and begins to build an integrated lesson plan. Using all of the planned materials and activities the lesson will be interactive for the students/learners.

Step 3

Make sure the presentation is saved and uploaded to a learning platform or emailed to the learners in advance of the lesson.


There is more…

Prezi can be connected to your Google account
Copies and templates can be created
Customizable templates are available for use
With access to the lesson plan students/learners can work through activites in their own time!

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