A cookbook to promote digital pedagogy

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While teachers and trainers are expected to know how to successfully integrate ICT into their classroom to make the learning more meaningful; many studies reveal that they often have difficulty in doing so because of the lack of technical skills and pedagogical support. Basically, they may have a general positive attitude toward technology, they may be able to use it in their personal lives, but they still not consider themselves qualified nor comfortable enough to teach with it

The efficiency of ICT in education is highly dependent on how it is used and which purpose it is intended to serve; considering this, the challenge is then to build digital literacy of the teachers/trainers and to convince them of its potential and its added value.

This toolkit, addressed to educators in general, is a practice driven guide for applying digital pedagogy in a teaching environment. It is based on the European Framework for the Digital Competences for Educators (DigiCompEdu) that establishes a common set of educator-specific digital skills.It acts as an operational manual enlightening the Digital Pedagogy Cooking Book that actually contains the “digital recipes”. Each recipe included in the cooking book refers to one or more digital competences mentioned in the European Framework DigCompEdu and combines a description of its implementation as well as the learning objectives and a didactic analysis.

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