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Since 2000, France has set up a computer system to certify computer and Internet skills, the B2i (Diploma in Computer Science and Internet) and the C2i (Computer and Internet Certificate). Four years later, the specialized C2i was established for professors whose exact title is C2i level 2 – Teachers (C2i2e), which became mandatory in the initial teacher training from 2007.

This certification aims to “verify the common and necessary professional skills of all teachers who exercise their profession in their pedagogical, educational and citizen dimensions through the following fields: the problems and challenges related to ICT in general and education, in particular, educational actions related to ICT research and the use of its resources, teamwork and networking, digital work environments and the evaluation and validation of ICT competences in the context of the curricular documents of the teaching programs. “

The official website of the C2i provides a test to get an idea of ​​the skills required and for the self-evaluation that takes as reference the following 9 points:

  • A1 Take into account the evolutionary nature of ICT;
  • A2 Integrate the ethical dimension and the respect of deontology;
  • B1 Appropriate work environments;
  • B2 Information Search;
  • B3 Visualize, secure and archive your data locally and in networks;
  • B4 Make the documents intended to be printed;
  • B5 Make the presentation of their face-to-face and online works;
  • B6 Dialog and communicate at a distance;
  • B7 Carry out collaborative projects at a distance.

Each of these points is available in a series of questions for the assessment of user skills. At the end of each part, the user obtains a result that provides the percentage valuation of correct answers and an indication of the questions about uncontrolled aspects that require training.

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