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SELFIE (whose acronym in English means “self-reflection on effective learning by promoting innovation through innovative educational technologies”) is a tool designed to help schools integrate digital technologies in teaching, learning and the evaluation of the students. It can highlight what works, what needs to be improved, and what the priorities should be. The tool is currently available in the 24 official languages ​​of the European Union, and it is expected that more languages ​​will be added over time.

SELFIE gathers, anonymously, the opinions of the students; faculty and management team about the way technology is used in the center. For this, short questions and statements and a simple scale of assessment from 1 to 5 are used. The statements cover areas such as leadership, infrastructure, teacher training and digital skills of students.

The benefits of this tool are the following:

  • SELFIE involves the entire educational community – executive team, teachers and students – in a 360-degree process that covers many areas of school practice.
  • Because each center is unique, the tool can be customized. Your center can select and add questions and statements that suit your needs.
  • SELFIE allows all participants to answer questions that fit their experience as students, teachers or members of the management team.
  • SELFIE is free. The answers are anonymized and the data is safe.
  • You can perform the evaluation from a computer, tablet or mobile.
  • Once the self-reflection exercise is completed through SELFIE, each center will receive a personalized and interactive report with detailed information and a quick overview of its strengths and weaknesses.
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